Santa hangs up his hat for another year

Santa hangs up his hat for another year

Sooooo … before the year runs out (and before I throw this laptop out the window as it’s driving me nuts with it’s beeping, go-slow and ‘freeze’ attitude)  let me wish you, one and all, a very much belated Happy Christmas !!

We had two family Christmases … one on the 16th before Elaine, Bryan and little Emma Bear went off to the seaside for a family Christmas with the in-laws, and we were lucky enough to have my favourite niece, Daniella, with us over that weekend too.  The second family Christmas was on Christmas Day with Jeanette, Lance, Carl and Nicole and our grandchildren, Bradley, Connor and Erin.  Both were wonderful, happy, laid-back and memorable.

I haven’t had an opportunity since our ‘first’ Christmas to share photos.  For some reason this time of the year not only brings happiness and joy but also great sorrow with the passing of loved ones.  My heart goes out to those who have lost special people in their lives.  Ours is a different story .. an emotional one which I haven’t written about but it’s been ongoing for months.  I will share our story at another time, but this is partly the reason I have been slacking on my blog posts.

On a happier note .. here are some Christmas photos from our ‘ two ‘ Christmases …

Naturally our main attraction on the 16th was our gorgeous little Emma’s first Christmas.  Isn’t she a cutie pie !! ?   Love her to bits 🙂

Girlie secrets between cousins ..

Our annual kiddies-by-the-Christmas-Tree photo with our newest addition 🙂   I am so upset, we didn’t do a family photograph !!   I was actually not well on this day with pharyngitis, laryngitis and an inkling of bronchitis all rolled into one package !!  If I had been myself, I would have insisted we have a family piccie taken, after all, Christmas family gatherings come once a year !!

Youngest on the oldest cousins lap 🙂

My good looking Bradley Bear (he will always be my Bradley Bear, but I’m going to have to learn to drop the ‘ Bear ‘ – and pass the Bear baton to Emma.  14 year olds aren’t too partial towards a granny’s endearment)   … (secretly they are 😉 )

Prezzies to and from Elaine, Bryan and Emma were exchanged.   Much to the delight of the boys, they were given a joint prezzie.  Their soccer net is too small and falling apart .. this one is larger.  A winner !!!

The second half of their prezzie came in a toaster box !!  The look on their faces when it was unwrapped was classic !!  Polite smiles as they acknowledged a new toaster !!!!!!  Joke was on them .. it was a soccer ball 🙂

Elaine delighted with her gift .. and so is Emma !!   What girl doesn’t love jewellery !

Emma was wide eyed with all her prezzies !!   Too cute !!

Christmas Eve :

Christmas Day :  I love watching delighted kiddies as they open their prezzies !!

Erin is into all things unicorn !!

Funny child !!!!  Loves his new cricket gloves 🙂

Must make a mention here .. the boys love wearing t’shirts from a South African clothing company May Bru.  They wash exceptionally well too

I suggested making a more modern twist on the 70’s salmon mousse, which we always have as a starter, or for that matter, something completely different.   I was poo-pooed!!   So there it is … 70’s style salmon mousse

Super champers :   Villiera MCC brut 2009

…. ‘ til next year Santa !!!


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