Whale watching in Hermanus

Whale watching in Hermanus

Our Cape holiday : Oct/Nov 2017

Now that Christmas and New Year festivities are over let’s go back to our fabulous holiday in the Cape several months ago..

The Old Harbour and Walker Bay on a gloomy but gloriously calm evening ..

There were whales (Southern Right Whales) lolling about in the Bay but were too far for my zoom.  I’ve tried on various visits to this lovely well-known whale watching town to photograph a lolling whale or two, but they end up looking like floating logs, which I believe is called ‘logging’

Whale spotters in the Bay ..

.. as well as at the look-out point

Closer to where were standing, a breaching juvenile showing off his tummy and flippers as he flips onto his back

Hubby and I, with Cheryl and Bob, had cocktails on the deck at Cocos Restaurant where we witnessed another young Southern Right Whale breaching

Apparently they breach at least five times in a row, so one or two photos were bound to come out !!!  I didn’t take any chances so here’s a few of a set of two !   Amazing to watch !!   We have, in the past, seen adults breaching which is absolutely incredible !!  Imagine a creature 5 times heavier than an elephant leaping out of the water !!


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