You’re never too old to learn

You’re never too old to learn

Sooo .. here I sit, creeping up to my mid-sixtieth birthday, on a laptop that’s dying a slow death and a blog with changes I need to remember to administer.

The laptop is not a problem as I can use hubby’s.  I will get used to it.  I find the keys are spaced differently and a couple – two that I have come across in my typing – are in a different place.  These two I use frequently.  I will get used to them.

Secondly …  a new layout of my blog.  I must say, I do surprise some people when a conversation includes what I do besides yoga, pilates, gym, gardening, hands-on granny duties (which include various tasks ie homework supervision, watching extra murals, making lunches for growing boys) and reading.  Knitting and dressmaking has fallen by the wayside .. although I have picked up the old knitting needles again!!  Our little Emma Rose may be lucky enough to get a cardigan or pullover before she turns 10!! …

… and I say four little words … ‘I have a blog’ !! …  if the conversation veers in that direction.  It was in the October of 2008 when I started with Mom’s Meanderings, encouraged by Jeanette.   Huge learning curve for me!!  Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my thoughts, stories and photographs.  I had to change to WordPress carrying over the same name but there it stopped when I ran out of space.

Jeanette set up this new one – ‘Musings with Coffee’ – for me as I am quite clueless.  I thought I would be ‘A’ for away after that !!   Not so.  I am not getting the readers as I used to, and still do, on Mom’s Meanderings, which I thought was OK as I enjoyed putting together all those posts over the years.  I don’t want to lose them either, as my thoughts and experiences, some very personal and close to my heart, as well as thousands of photographs appear within the text.  I understand the issue with having two blogs, one old but still being read, and one new.  To save complicating it more (for me) I think I should just stick to this system .. for a while anyway

Getting down the nitty gritty of writing a post now, I have to remember to do a tiny bit of ‘admin’  I call it.  In the workings of the post on the dashboard (which is normally the word for the front of car where all the knobs and dials are!)  I have to remember to type in a ‘key word’ and a ‘snippet review’  before pressing ‘publish’ .   Easier said than done as the key word has to grab the essence of the post, as well as the snippet review.  I will be seen by more people that way!   Google will find me again !!!

The thing is, there is in the ‘admin’ section, which I can see, lists of ‘tasks’ (for want of a better word) I am doing wrong.  Not enough words, readability needs improvement, no a feature pic chosen … no this, no that … no ‘three bags full, sir’ !   Sigh ..

I will get used to it !!!

All this takes me back to my school days when, in English class I presume, we had to create advertising slogans.  Grab people’s attention, our teacher would say!!!

Well, that’s off my chest,.  I have rambled on a touch !!   … onward and upward we go 🙂

p.s.  soooo what do I do about a featured image for this post … let me think … and a keyword – what do I use !!!!  Oh crumbs  !

p.p.s.   I would have published this earlier, much earlier!!  Trying to find an appropriate image for the feature piccie has been tricky.   I was thinking wine.  Wine in a glass, wine in a bottle, wine being poured from a bottle.  I need a glass now !!!  But I think a more appropriate piccie is a studious one .. that of a book :), which actually is ‘The Wine Kingdom – Celebrating conservation in the Cape Winelands’.  A book in which I have some photographs published 🙂

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