Raindrops, herbs and a flower or two

Raindrops, herbs and a flower or two

We woke up to a lovely fresh garden this morning after an 18mm shower last night.   Nothing beats walking on a thick wet carpet of green lawn as the early morning sun sparkles on raindrops still clinging to twigs, leaves and petals.  Herbal scents filled the air as I wandered bare foot in my back garden where I grow marjoram, oregano, basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, chives and lavender

My new lemon tree has sprouted fresh new growth after a couple of showers and has 15 lemons !!!!

Basil …

Rosemary …

Mint …

Easily recognisable .. lavender, my favourite

Also in the back garden Zinnia’s have popped up in various places where I scattered spent flowers and seeds at the end of last season.  Actually they’re all over the garden, back and front !!!

I’m not normally an  ‘ orange ‘  flower person but, at the nursery the other day, I couldn’t resist this new smallish flowered hibiscus – ‘Hacienda Sunrise’ – for a pot in our back courtyard.  Pretty isn’t it?   It isn’t quite orange but yellow with a red centre.  The brick courtyard had an old dilapidated garden shed in one corner which, once it was removed a few years, left an empty space.  A large jasmine creeper also had to be removed as it became too heavy up and against the garden wall, which now leans a bit into the neighbour’s garden.  It is our wall so will need replacing in the near future.   I am slowly filling this rather hot midday spot with pots of greenery and colour.  Two rooted pieces of the sweet smelling jasmine have been repotted and part of the original potted jasmine which grew massively out of control is still in it’s original old trough but with new soil.   That will grow up another wall where, if it leans or falls, it doesn’t matter as it’s within our garden and not on the boundary

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