Coffee at the Village Tart in Franschhoek

Coffee at the Village Tart in Franschhoek

Our first full day with Gavin and Kathy in the Somerset West/Stellenbosch region of the Western Cape :

We took a leisurely drive through Stellenbosch to Franschhoek .. Gav and Kathy had never been there so naturally we had to take them there for coffee before winding our way back to Stellenbosch for lunch at Rust en Vrede.  French Huguenots settled in the valley in 1687, hence the name Franschhoek (French Corner).  It’s a well known spot for excellent restaurants and vineyards.  Hubby and I have enjoyed wine tastings at several wine estates over the years 🙂

The Village Tart – our coffee stop


Great coffee and biscotti .. leaving space in our tums for a hunk of sirloin later 😉 (my cousin Gav and Kathy) ..


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