Wine tasting and lunch at Morgenster in Somerset West

Wine tasting and lunch at Morgenster in Somerset West

Hubby and I were on our own on this day.  Morgenster Wine and Olive Estate is another favourite wine tasting experience of ours and decided it was time for a re-visit as we hadn’t been for a couple of years.  It’s always lovely sitting in the wine tasting room or on a perfect day, on the patio overlooking the Helderberg Mountain which is part of the Hottentots-Holland Mountain range.

What a surprise to learn the wine estate has a new restaurant ’95 at Morgenster’  .. so naturally we had to stay for lunch 🙂   Well, new to us .. they opened it’s doors 3 years ago !

Wine tasting room …

Restaurant – ’95 at Morgenster’ – overshadowed by the Hottentots-Holland Mountains ..

Amazing setting  …

We sat at a long heavy wooden table with my back to the wine cellar …

Something I hadn’t noticed before when peering through the glass of cellars in wine tasting rooms such as this one are the different barrel signs of the Coopers.  Reminds me of our Best of Italy Trafalgar Tour a few years ago stopping at St Emilion in the Aquitaine region, when I heard the word Cooper and Cooperage for the first time (!)  The 13th Century Trinity Chapel is built above the 8th Century Monolithic Church, an extraordinary huge underground church cut in the rock.  During the French Revolution the Chapel was used by a wine barrel maker, a Cooper.  To curve the wood for the barrels the wood is burnt and the resulting soot covered the walls, thus protecting and preserving the colourful frescoes.  Interesting introduction to the skill and workmanship of a Cooper 🙂

Our wine tasting experience?  As I said, we’ve done the wine tasting on a number of occasions, and the olive and wine tasting once.  We have never had the sommelier sit down at a table with us as she did here.  It maybe a personal touch whereby you can ask questions as you taste and discuss the flavours etc but we felt a little uneasy

Entrance to 95 at Morgenster …

Specials menu ….

Our meal was absolutely delicious :  I had fresh sea bass served with a side salad ; hubby had pork belly served with crispy crackling and chips …


Sharing a joke with the waiter 🙂

Trio of peach, plum and grape sorbet, perfect desert on this sweltering day ..

Beautiful setting, delicious wines and scrumptious food .. we’ll definitely be back !!

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