Zinnia elegans .. to fill the gaps

Zinnia elegans .. to fill the gaps

Nice name, I thought, with elegans as the second word of the scientific name :).  Also known as ‘ youth-and-age ‘  .. I like the ‘ youth ‘ part.

It’s a common flowering annual.  It always flowered in gardens of my mum’s friends, as well as ours.  As a children we would accompany my mum to her tennis mornings in the school holidays and play with the other children .. climbing trees, playing catches, hide and seek in large gardens with vast lawns surrounded by massed flowerbeds of annuals, roses, shrubs and large trees.   A little bit of reminiscing here as I think lovingly of my precious mum who passed away two years ago today.  Zinnias must have been included in those beautiful large acre and more gardens of our youth.   My mum suggested to me when we started our garden from scratch, to scatter seeds to fill the gaps … nasturtiums, zinnias, alyssum etc.  And so that’s what I’ve done ever since.

I had forgotten about zinnias until they popped up a year ago.  These bright flowers in shades of pink were amongst packets of seeds I scattered ‘to fill the gaps’ last season.   End of season came around, I gathered handfuls of seeds which I scattered early this season and …  voila

Next summer season’s seed gathering as begun 😉


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