Just Connor .. and those long gorgeous eyelashes

Just Connor .. and those long gorgeous eyelashes

It is school holidays.  Bradley is away at a rugby camp and Connor is at home with a friend which means I don’t have the responsibility of grandchildren this afternoon.

This morning, after theee most relaxing yoga class,  I had my usual Thursday morning coffee date with my special friend Sandy and a playdate with her cute-as-a-button 11 month old grandson who was in awe with bubbles I blew for him.

I don’t feel like doing a lengthy blog post with heaps photos and a story but would rather cuddle up with a good book, on this drizzly afternoon … which is exactly what I’m going to do.  But first I’ll do a quickie post these two photographs I took of Connor a few days while I walked around my garden with camera in hand taking pics of flowers.  He was playing with an old fishing rod at the end of which was a long string with a paper clip as a hook, trying to hook the highest branches of trees and shrubs as he could ..

I love how the sun catches those long gorgeous eyelashes

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