My autumn garden – shades of blue and a dash of white

My autumn garden – shades of blue and a dash of white

Oh my goodness, I am slacking with my blog posts.  It’s amazing what a difference one  little person added to our family makes !!  Tuesdays are Emma days.  Hubby and I fetch our little cutie pie around 9.30 am and so the day begins without a stop!  All other days, including weekends seem to be busy.

With winter fast approaching I have dusted off the knitting needles to knit for our little Emma Bear.   I used to knit a lot.  All the time actually.  My knitting bag went with me everywhere .. on holidays, sitting waiting at schools, ballet and horse riding lessons, at work (my boss allowed me to knit when there was a work lull .. ‘in the old days’ !).. in front of the TV, sitting while my children played, as babies, toddlers and older .. well, just about everywhere.   I carried on knitting when I started looking after Bradley at the age of 4 months but that’s when I started slackening off and losing interest.  Hand made jerseys lost their appeal with moms, me included.  It was far easier and quicker to sew tracksuit pants and tops.  Easier for laundry too.  Tracksuit fabric doesn’t need the care a knitted garment requires.

So …  besides my renewed interest in knitting, I am reading novels (again!!!) and doing my normal daily stuff – gym, yoga, granny duties with boys (done with much love of course), Emma Tuesdays, gardening and all the things wives, moms and grannies do.

This post hasn’t got anything to do with the above !!  I am only explaining the reasons for lack of posts, which I am certain I have ‘put pen to paper’ / fingers to keys previously, for which I apologise if repeated.

It’s about flowers, mainly blues captured in my garden .. my sanctuary ..  a week or so ago

Plectranthus ..

Blue Salvia …

Barleria ..

Adding to the blues .. white plectranthus ..

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