A few more flowers of different colours

A few more flowers of different colours

More flowers from my autumn garden.  Fortunately I did a spot of gardening yesterday as I don’t feel like doing any today.  There is a chilly wind and even though the sky is clear and sun is shining it isn’t all that pleasant outside.

This is a reading-a-good-book day with some knitting in between or at the same time .. multitasking !  I can only do a knit row and read at the same time !  I have picked up my knitting needles after quite a number of years, at least 10 years or more, so am a little rusty!

Actually, I am struggling with posts lately.  I think one of the problems is lack of photographs.  I’m not taking enough.  Hubby and I are going on holiday soon, first to visit my cousin in Ramsgate and then to Ballito In KwaZulu Natal.   A beach holiday .. yay!  Watch this space for a toes-in-the-sand-and-sea pic.. and others.  Elaine, Bryan and Emma, our cutie pie of 8 months will be joining us which will be great fun !!!   Baby hands in sand = sand in eyes, mouth and everywhere .. but fun nonetheless!  I remember taking Elaine at 8 months to a beach holiday .. we sat on the lawn !!!  Cruel parents !!

Soooo … I do tend to ramble !!!

Gaura or commonly known as Butterfly Bush, Bee Blossom, Angel Wings, Butterflies in the Wind or Wand Flower.  Take your pick 🙂

Salvia ..

Nasturtium ..

Hibiscus ..

Marigold ..

Plectranthus ..

Pretty groundcover ..

Perennial basil ..

Dianthus ..

Fuschia ..

Hibiscus ..

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