Along the dusty roads of Lake Eland Game Reserve, Oribi Gorge

Along the dusty roads of Lake Eland Game Reserve, Oribi Gorge

Following on from my previous post – the rustic chapel, our last stop within Lake Eland Game Reserve – let me go back to the beginning of our lovely morning with my cousin Barry as our driver.  He’s been there umpteen times 🙂

It’s quite amazing to think that the Oribi Gorge is a mere 40min drive inland from Port Shepstone on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast.   The landscape changes from typically coastal to sugarcane fields, grassy plains and rolling hills and soon after the turnoff to the gorge, the road narrows and winds down and down, twisting and turning through thick bush until it reaches a river (not sure which river it is .. Barry is the expert here 🙂 )

A few facts :
– Eastern gorge formed by the Mzimkulwana River cuts through the Oribi Flats (flat sugarcane farmlands)
– Western gorge was formed by the Mzimkulu River
– Oribi Gorge is approx. 400 metres deep and 5 kilometres at its widest and 30 kilometres long

Lake Eland Game Reserve “covering an impressive 2500 hectares with diverse ecosystems of bushveld, grassland, coastal forest and wetland this natural landscape offers a place of peace and tranquility.  Brothers Eric and Trevor Dunstone purchased the land for conservation and founded the reserve in 2003”.

We stopped to purchase our tickets for the game reserve at reception as well as a hearty breakfast served on the deck …

A wedding venue and conference facilities is above a group of chalets at one of the dams popular with weekenders and fishermen ..

Larger chalets are on the banks of another dam ..

The game reserve is teaming with animals including leopard.   None of the other big five are here ie lion, buffalo, rhino and elephant

Blesbok …

Wildebeest ..

Impala ..

Nice view of the larger chalets from here ..

Full zoom to capture Eland ..

Zebra ..

I couldn’t get a good shot of this enormous fig tree ..


Warthog with her babies ..

As we approached, they fled with tails pointing skyward like aerials, as warthogs do …

Cute baby Blesbok ..

Wildebeest ..

Impala ..

We spotted giraffe in the distance near the boundary fence ..

Spot two giraffe heads above the trees.  A moment after taking this pic a third head popped up but my photo is blurred (full zoom again)  ..

A 14 slide zipline with a total length of 4.5 km criss-crosses over the Gorge .. Lake Eland being one of the stations.   Definitely on my bucket list for our next visit 🙂

A puffadder sunning itself ..


Next post :  we made our way to the top of the Gorge where the zipline starts, walked across two suspension bridges and a lucky sighting of the shy Oribi, a small buck/antelope after which the Gorge is named

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