Lake Eland Game Reserve, zipline and suspension bridge, Oribi Gorge

Lake Eland Game Reserve, zipline and suspension bridge, Oribi Gorge

Apologies, friends, for my absence yet again.  We have had a very very sad family time with the passing of my beautiful, inspirational and hugely courageous sister in law after a long, long fight against cancer

Continuing from my previous post .. driving through Lake Eland Game Reserve.  From the valley/gorge floor at Lake Eland (one of the zip line stations in previous post) we made our way to the top of the other side of Oribi Gorge, crossing the Umzimkulwana River … where Mr Puffadder was sunning himself … and spotting the same group of giraffe (previous post) silhouetted against the clear blue sky

The road wound it’s way around cliffs and through dense valley vegetation before climbing up the other side of the gorge

Blesbok with a few Springbok in the mix and zebra close by ..

White faced Springbok are smaller than Blesbok …

Male Blesbok with magnificent horns …

Up and up we went passing more Blesbok and zebra …


The14 slide zipline begins here as well as the Extreme Zipline, the latter is one straight line 1km long whizzing down at 160kmph to Lake Eland in the distance !

I went down part of the 383 steps which end at the caves …..

…. and a short distance along this path

I needed to go further to get a better view but hubby and Barry were waiting for me in the carpark

Next stop was the suspension bridge spanning 80 metres and 130 metres high ..

Hubby is not keen on heights but walked across, as I did ..

I envisaged this wobbly extension from Eagles Nest to be longer.  Hubby didn’t take a piccie of me at the end so I took a photo of a young girl who followed me

Magnificent view of the gorge and Umzimkulwana River ..

From this suspension bridge to the next one, much shorter but equally as high at Wild 5 Adventures where one can attempt a leap off the cliff edge hanging on for dear life to a giant swing at the Oribi Gorge Hotel…. not on my bucket list !    Next post ..

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