An Oribi sighting and another suspension bridge at Oribi Gorge

An Oribi sighting and another suspension bridge at Oribi Gorge

Continuing from previous post ..

From one suspension bridge to another .. much shorter but equally as high at Wild 5 Adventures where one can attempt a leap off the cliff edge hanging on for dear life to a giant swing at the Oribi Gorge Hotel.  Definitely not on my bucket list !  I’ve swung off the Soweto Towers a few years ago and will not attempt another.  It takes your breath away literally !!

Driving on, nearing the end of our round trip in the Lake Eland Game Reserve with hubby and my cousin Barry at the wheel, we had our eyes peeled on the short grass left and right hoping to spot an Oribi, a small, shy buck apparently rarely seen ..

Great excitement !!!  As clear as day, grazing in the grass was a male Oribi.  Cute little fellow.   The Oribi reaches 50-67cms (20-26ins) at the shoulder and weighs 12-22 kilos (26-49 lbs)

Nom nom nom .. sweet juicy grass to eat ..

Off we drove in search of the second suspension bridge ..

I would think this chap was sleeping.  It was midday and a fair number had their heads hanging in this way amongst the herds ..

Wild 5 Adventures’ suspension bridge.  As I said it’s not as long as the other in Lake Eland Game Reserve but just as high.  There was a steady stream of people crossing so we couldn’t get a decent pic of either us ..

This poor girl was petrified and could not walk another step forward ..

It was difficult to get the perspective and depth here.   Deep shade contrasted with bright sunlight.  It was far down .. very far down !!!   There is a blue rope to the right in the trees midway of the visible waterfall .. that’s the rope you hang onto to swing !!!   The suspension bridge is near the ledge at the bottom of photo ..

Unfortunately there was no one taking the leap of faith which I so wanted to watch.   Jumpers/swingers grab the rope end, walk to the edge of the ledge and jump.  If one hesitates and doesn’t back off completely one gets a gentle shove !!!!!   165 metres down according to the pamphlet I have in hand

Large tree tops way down below …

Wild 5 Adventures also offer one or two day water rafting, abseiling and paintball.

Thanks Barry for a fabulous day.  I must add here, Barry spotted a large spotted chested eagle and a black and white Samango Monkey but I wasn’t fast enough with my camera.  He was somewhat disappointed .. next time!   And there will be a next time … I definitely want to do the zipline across the Gorge


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