Cheers to 2018 ~~~ Hello 2019

Cheers to 2018 ~~~ Hello 2019

I have been out of blogging action for a long, long time !!   Since May last year to be exact.  That’s when my camera went on the blink.  Added to that I went into anxiety and grief mode needing the help of a psychologist again.  I needed help 8 years ago and was under her guidance for just short of a year.  Thankfully, with her help, I managed to claw my way back to normal.   In June, the death of my sister in law, Kathy, hit me hard.  I was always there to support my brother and their family putting my emotions and feelings aside.  I had to have my time for grief too.  What also happened was, two years ago my Mum passed away, leaving me feeling a little lost and yet very grateful she was finally at peace after 11 years trapped with gradually worsening dementia.

Putting ‘pen to paper’ on a blog was the furthest thing from my mind and not having the camera for inspirational piccies to tell a story, the inclination just wasn’t there even though I battled with a ‘sick’ camera taking photos at Emma’s first birthday (which I will share at a later date).  Having a bi lateral carpal tunnel at the beginning of November set me back a bit with both hands out of action for two weeks and thereafter the healing and strengthening process.  A very, very frustrating time !!!!  … especially those first two weeks !!   I have only now, this past week attended my yoga classes, managing to do downward dog for the first time, albeit holding the pose for less time than normal … but I CAN do it .. YAY !!!!!!!!!!

Christmas was next and this one was special .. very, very special.  My brother, Richard and Pauline, who I haven’t physically seen for 9 years, came out from the UK for two weeks to be with us, together with our younger brother Ian, who spent three weeks here.   To have both my brothers together, here, with me, was incredible!!

I took some … not too many … photographs with my now repaired camera, knowing Jeanette was taking far better memory-making pics than I.  My hands couldn’t hold the camera as before, and I resorted to cellphone piccies instead.

I picked up my camera again today as I spotted the tiniest butterfly on a leaf in the garden and had the urge to take it’s photo.  Oh my goodness, these hands are not steady at all !!!    Getting back into the photography groove isn’t as easy as I imagined !!!  Practice makes perfect… right?

Anyway….. for what it’s worth, here’s my tiny slightly blurred butterfly followed by some Christmas fun spent at Elaine and Bryan’s

Cacyreus marshalli – geranium bronze – wingspan 15-23mm – and not called geranium bronze for nothing !  I read it’s larvae eat stems of geraniums hence my chewed plants close to where I took this pic ..

Christmas 2018 :-

Customery grandchildren at the Tree photo.  I must do some comparisons 🙂

There’s nothing quite like seeing Christmas through the eyes of little one

My Bradley Bear is no longer my ‘Bear’  .. growing into such an awesome young man

Awesome piccie of mom too ..

I love this … Hardy’s paw of friendship to Pauline ..

Richard looking dapper in his fun Christmas t’shirt 🙂 🙂 🙂

.. and here is Ian …

Emma’s first ride-on ..

Getting the hang of her new trike …

Thanks Jeanette for this lovely photo of Richard, Ian and I ..


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