First part of our walk on day one to Sungubala Camp gate

First part of our walk on day one to Sungubala Camp gate

Overnight rain during our first night at The Cavern was lovely. So different hearing the rain outside and on a thatched roof from the usual Highveld storms we get at home, but it can make hiking, even shorter trails, a bit slippery. We chose not to do the longer guided hike but rather walked at our pace. The hotel are great for organising guided hikes each day .. one short, relatively easy and the other longer with a degree of difficulty. Longer meaning you leave after breakfast and return well in time for a beer, wine or whatever ‘floats your boat’ before a scrumptious lunch. There are longer day hikes but we’ve never done them.

Here we go …  our easy mountain trail.  Must add here, I am fairly disappointed with my landscape photography.  I have been out of touch with taking pics for many months now .. firstly my camera made peculiar noises when taking a photo which meant it desperately needed a service and then my bi-lateral carpal tunnel was a bit of a hindrance to say the least !!!    Both all fixed now so …. onward and upward we go …

Main gate of The Cavern

A group of school children from the Royal Drakensberg Primary School on an outing 
The emerald green of the mountains was like a plush carpet which I couldn’t capture .. even in edit mode
How beautiful is this view !! 
‘Natural Pool’ below where one can swim and road to entrance of hotel

Right … I think I’ll stop there while the going is good with uploading photos … yay!!   Maybe I’m getting the hang of this new layout .. maybe !    Hubby and I turned around at this point.  If you carry on following the route markings passed Sungubala Camp it leads to the ‘Silent Woman’  … a carving of a naked woman created by Willie Chalmers in the 1950’s.   Hubby and I followed the trail years ago to see ‘ her ‘  and got caught in heavy rain on our return.

Our return walk will be featured in my following blog post .. without rain !! 

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