Our walk in the Berg: Part II

Our walk in the Berg: Part II

Continuing from previous post ..

Hubby and I walked as far as Sungubala Camp gate and returned to the hotel via the Fern Forest.  We did the same three years ago on the day before my Mum passed away and on that day I had thoughts of my Mum being there with me, discussing and enjoying the flowers, grasses, trees and view along the way.  My thoughts were with her again on this day

Path to the Fern Forest
Protea (Sugarbush) in abundance
Forest Retreat Spa – super having treatment there with valley sounds all around
Extreme left of larger block was our superb suite.  I loved the refurbishing since our last stay in that same room.  In fact we’ve stayed in a couple of suites over the years in these two blocks … all magnificent !
We crossed paths in the Fern Forest with another group of younger children from the Royal Drakensberg Primary School on a nature trail

This little guy asked us lots of questions of where we’re from etc and was keen to tell us about their outing, showing us his binoculars and bird chart.  I think their teacher was glad of the rest while we chatted as she was carrying a sleeping child !!!

“Birds that I saw at The Cavern”

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