The Grotto and Fan Falls trail at The Cavern

The Grotto and Fan Falls trail at The Cavern

A glorious sunrise greeted us upon waking the following morning after another night of overnight showers.  A promise of a spectacular day ahead?  Yes it was ..

As the sky brightened and clouds drifted away .. though not for long
A mocking chat warbled happily as he pranced about in a nearby tree

We have walked most of the trails numerous times, this one included and I have photographed the same picturesque scenes.  It is very hard for me not to take out a camera!!!   Same scenery .. different times of the year … or not!   Nature’s beauty is everywhere.

The promise of blue skies disappeared under light cloud cover hence no sunny scenes for most of the trail.   Lovely for walking though

As I mentioned in my first post on this Feb 2019 weekend away at The Cavern, we have been going to this picturesque part of the world for the past 18 years.  I’ve been looking back at my few printed photographs from that first weekend 18 years ago.   The hotel has made changes over the years, modernising here and there but it has never lost it’s charm

The Grotto
Guiding the children on slippery rocks under the waterfall 6 years ago
Under the waterfall
Path leading to The Grotto
It’s quite a climb from the gully marked with an x.  A few years ago we hiked to Cannibal Cave marked with an x top left cliff face…. now that’s a climb!!
The Cavern nestled in the valley amongst trees – photo taken from opposite ridge
A group with a guide in the distance
Fan Falls
Above Fan Falls – Royal Drakensberg Primary School on left.  Road leading up hill after school is the road to Sungubala Camp which we walked the previous day
Not the best view of Fan Falls from the other side
Isn’t this just the most amazing scenery  !
Mountain bike trail
Group with guide coming to the end of their trail.  All guided walks include tea and crunchies .. yumm!  Their stop was at the Natural Pool (lovely for a cooling dip) on the opposite side of the road to the left amongst the trees and bushes

The Cavern :  February 2019

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