A misty mountain trail cut short by rain

A misty mountain trail cut short by rain

Our last day at The Cavern with rain expected later began with blue skies followed by a light cloud cover.  Hubby and I decided not to venture too far due to the forecast of rain so walked part of the Nature Trail towards Mays Falls, took a detour around the falls ..crossing the mountain stream at another small waterfall and while watching the rain clouds moving in, walked to The Lapa (which we’ve only seen at a distance in all the times we’ve been here) and walked back in the drizzle in time for morning tea/coffee served with fresh scones, jam and cream .. perfect for a wet day !

A pair of Starlings (I think) comfortably perched on our chimney with their nest protected from the elements.  Luckily there are gas fires in these suites !!

I took most of my photos with my cellphone.  Lesson learned here  .. camera photographs make for better photoblog story telling.  Although that being said I’m somewhat surprised at the quality of the cellphone photos except for the intense blues of the misty mountains

Part of the Fern Forest through which we walked
The Lapa .. which can be booked in advance for breakfast for a party of 8 or more
What a view while munching breakfast !!

We beat a hasty retreat to the hotel for those delicious fresh scones and a hot cup of coffee before getting too wet

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