In and around The Cavern: Feb 2019

In and around The Cavern: Feb 2019

This is my last blog post on our weekend in early Feb, celebrating my 60+ birthday.  Hubby and I had a fabulous weekend as we usually do.  As I mentioned in my first post, we’ve been going to The Cavern for the past 18 years and every time are welcomed with friendliness, super accommodation and deliciously good wholesome food, including teas served with cookies or cake .. morning and afternoon.  Add to that are wonderful walks, or hikes, guided or not, depending on one’s preference.

The following photos include some with my mobile phone and some with my camera.  Note to self .. always take camera photographs to reproduce on blog…. they come out better

We arrived in damp, misty conditions
Stunning view is hidden under cloud
Yay .. a sunny day !!
Meals are awesome!  Buffet of cold meats and salads for lunch plus a choice of two hot dishes.  Breakfast:  cold meat selection, cheese, cereals and fruit, yoghurts, nuts and other yummy seeds etc.  Hot dishes to order.  Dinner: buffet table with salads and cold fish, meats etc.  Delicious hot meals to order.  It’s very hard to resist the temptation of desserts at luncheon and dinner, believe me !!
A lovely touch by staff every Thursday evening
I like the calendars with another personal touch
My camera would have taken a far nicer photograph.  I’ve taken this view on many occasions.   Note to self .. take camera at all times !!
A few examples of what’s inside a well stocked wine cellar
Popping into the Forest Retreat Spa is a must .. even if it’s a foot massage after a mountain hike but full body massages are awesome !!! .. or back and neck .. or … or
Where trees fall (if in a safe and reasonable place like this one, they are left to decompose naturally.  A guest who we met up with while passing this one was astounded that this huge trunk is left like this.  ‘Such a waste’ he said .. ‘it would make a lovely table’   His opinion not ours

Referring to my first post on our weekend at The Cavern ….. …. … where I included photographs of our superb suite, herewith one or two pics of the inside.  After doing several posts now using the once unfamiliar set-up and layout of the new-styled WordPress, I am finding it far easier !!  Yay ! 

Please excuse the luggage .. I took these photos on our arrival
Most unusual aloes in the gardens.  I’d be interested to find out what they are and what they do .. are they low or tall in growth and what do their flowers look like.  I’ve searched through Google to no avail
Aren’t these lilies gorgeous ! 
Wise words
This is me … a rare selfie !!

Cheers to a wonderful weekend at The Cavern .. we’ll be back

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