Our little Emma is 19 months old!!

Our little Emma is 19 months old!!

How time is flying !!  .. and she is growing up so quickly and getting cuter by the day !!   I haven’t taken photos of our little Emma Rose for months .. and months … to be precise since our family holiday with Elaine and Bryan, and Emma, who was 8 months old at that time.  I am still to share those photos, said she hanging her head in shame at the months that have passed.   I promise to share them before our next holiday in late May!!

To be honest, I haven’t taken any photographs of her with my camera since that holiday last year due to the camera needing repairs and servicing as well as my bilateral carpal tunnel issues worsening in recent years .. all of which are now all sorted!     It’s not fun trying to press the camera button when you cannot feel your fingers!!!

Emma Rose is a chatty and happy little girl who we, as grandparents, look after once a week .. on Tuesdays.   Instead of taking photos with my cellphone as I usually do, I decided to use my camera.  I definitely needed the practice for our forthcoming holiday !!  As can be seen by my amateurish photography, I need more practice, especially with an active toddler !! 

Soooo … herewith last Tuesday’s photographs


These two photos are best in clarity (by no means perfect)  but completely hopeless background !! 
Loves exploring in my garden
Blowing kisses
Cheeky little smile .. love her to bits
Giving mommy a big hug while she has a welcome cup of tea after a day at the office
Ready … steady ..
… GO  !!  Love the clasped hands at the back … just as my son Carl used to do
Emma is a late bloomer in the teeth department and not too keen to show off her brand new pearly whites…. except for this day
Emma loves her cousin Connor who has never been confident holding her but when the time came to rescue her from  ‘being stuck’ on a garden, he came up trumps !  Well done my boy !!     
In the evenings she’s allowed to watch her favourite video .. Peppa Pig
It’s her calming down time
Chubby cheeks and long lashes

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