Precious raindrops

Precious raindrops

I think we’re in for another drought.  Our summer rains seemed to have come and gone.  I record rainfall on a monthly basis but am not marvellous at keeping a yearly tally.   I record it on the current calendar and compare to the previous year.  I used to keep 5 year records but decided there was no point.  My garden survives seasonally anyway despite the lack or, if we’re lucky, an abundance of rain!!  Global warming is real.  It’s here whether we like or not.

2018 : Jan to March we had 128mm.  Jan to March this year we’ve had 343mm.  Sounds fabulous but in fact it’s not as we had very little rain leading up to Jan … the normal consistent summer rain pattern.  March last year we had 127mm.   March this year .. 5mm !!  Not good.

My garden goes through changes as each year passes with more indigenous plants replacing the ones struggling under extended heatwaves and reduced water.  My original plan of a cottage style garden filled with colour flew out the window years ago!

March’s 5mm is made up of two days worth  .. 3mm then 2mm the other day.  A downpour today is highly unlikely with blue skies and a cloud here and there.

Those 2mm fell in the early evening … a glorious time of day to pad about barefoot on wet lawn with camera in hand  ‘getting my groove back with my photography skills’

My photography skills need more practice but I am pleased with these seeing that it was fairly dark


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