‘Emma Tuesday’ : Fun in Granny’s garden

‘Emma Tuesday’ : Fun in Granny’s garden

Tuesdays are our day .. grandparents day .. with Emma.  Each week she grows a little more, mentally that is.   For a 19 month old, her vocabulary is vast.  I have probably forgotten .. in fact I have forgotten .. at what age littlies are supposed to reach milestones.  I do get a mental nudge from the sister at the Wellness Centre where Elaine takes Emma for weigh-ins etc. which has been enlightening.  It’s amazing how different it is bringing up babies and toddlers to my day !!  The basics are the same mother’s instinct and common sense but the added advice  is incredible!!

We all got excited when Emma starting linking two words together.  In my case it was “Come Nyanny”  (she can’t grasp the “Gr”) which she calls out to me pushing her stroller while she runs, hubby walks, ahead in the Mall.   It has become a weekly outing she seems to enjoy, putting smiles on everyone’s faces as runs, calling out a ‘hello’ or a ‘bye’ to those she passes.

Yesterday I counted 5 words linked together.   “Papa, what are you doing?”  Brilliant child ūüėČ

As I did two weeks ago, yesterday I took some photos with my camera, as well as my phone, the latter pics are shared on Instagram and Facebook …

Helping me in the garden
She takes delight in spading potting soil onto the patio with James looking on

That’s when I get out a basin of sea sand, brought home from a coastal holiday a while ago ..¬†for the purpose of stabilizing candles in¬†glass¬†candle holders on the patio.¬†¬† I don’t want a sandpit in my garden¬†but I think I should¬†invest in¬†a larger basin and sandpit sand.¬† Emma wasn’t keen on touching this¬†fine soft¬†sand so I encouraged her to make footprints in the sand with her zebra.¬† She then proceeded to¬†put¬†all the animals in the sand.¬† Let the fun begin ..

It’s lovely to see how comfortable she is being with us.¬† Yesterday she took Elaine by hand and gave her a tour of the garden, showing her the different coloured flowers in the front and back garden, the fairy garden, walking on the different paths and stepping stones¬†and having a chat in the quiet corner.¬† She’s quite¬†a chatter box¬†!!!¬† ¬† I didn’t pry on the¬†entire ‘tour’ .. it was mommy and toddler time

Dreadful light and not the best editing but I love these two pics

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