A stroll around my garden

A stroll around my garden

It was a lazy Sunday today.   I spent most of yesterday in the garden after a spot of rain the previous evening making the ground soft and easy for pulling out spent annuals, gathering seeds for next summer, cutting back overgrown plants, weeding and generally enjoying the cooler weather whilst I pottered (if that’s such a word!)

Today, after a late-ish breakfast, I strolled around my autumnal garden  with camera in hand only.   Not a spade, nor fork, nor clippers.

Photographs are in the order I took them so they’re not in any order or grouping.  Just as I walked … … …

Bumble bee on salvia
Germiston Gold
Germiston Gold
Cotyledon orbiculate (pig’s ear)
New pixie in the fairy garden
Three stages of hydrangea on one bush.  Our summer was terribly hot burning the first flush of flowers.  When temps dropped flowers sparsely appeared and now, in autumn, there are a few more
Sharifa Rose (‘Daddy’s Rose’ )
Past it’s prime – Simplicity Rose
Lamium – ground cover
Marigold.  I’m not partial to marigolds but they’re easy to grow and provide pockets of colour. 
Plectranthus .. one of several growing in the garden
Barleria Obtusa – bush violet

Violet hederacea – Australian violet

And there we pause.

My walking tour around my garden continues in the next post.   I must make mention here that my garden has changed drastically over the years and is going through more changes.  I am going for more indigenous plants as it makes sense in this day and age of global warming.  I’m also splitting common plants ie agapanthus and spreading them around.  It was wasn’t my original plan but as I said, it makes sense.

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