Yesterday’s stroll around my garden

Yesterday’s stroll around my garden

Continuing from my previous post herewith photos of some plants and flowers as I walked around my garden….  

Budding Plectranthus
An indigenous planting of Mackaya bella (Forest Bells), large variegated Plectranthus, and Diates grandiflora (wild iris}
Clivia and young arum lilies
Hypoestes aristata Polka Dot
Polygala myrtifolia
Definitely need to plant more Polygalas
Another indigenous spot with mostly low-ish growing Plectranthus
Top corner of the garden ..

… where I am now concentrating on indigenous plantings. The ground here dries up very quickly as it’s on a slope and I have waged war over many years planting prettiness with minimal success.  Prettiness requires TLC and water.   Large shrubs and trees are staying and gaps are being filled with shade loving water-wise indigenous plants .. en masse.   I am at last having success with lawn there .. partly shady to full shade proved tricky.   There are three varieties and my theory was the ‘survival of the fittest’.  That appears to be LM lawn which hopefully will creep through patches of shade-over lawn.   Between the ‘log seats’ are pebbles, both of which were put there in lieu of slowly disappearing kikuyu lawn.  A sprinkling of shade-over lawn over pebbles proved successful and grows in- between.  The tough winner of the war of lawns is now creeping over pebbles and flimsy shade-over tufts.  I  am now gradually removing pebbles as it creeps thus having a soft underfoot feel.    

Another indigenous spot next to the driveway and garage .. except for a ponytail palm
Hypoestes – Ribbon Bush
Plectranthus ‘mona lavender’ in a pot
Peek a boo !

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