I love sunrises over the sea

I love sunrises over the sea

I love sunrises over a calm sea where the soft light dances on waves as a golden glow stretches on the horizon when at last a speck of bright gold pops up, growing larger as the seconds pass until a ball of dazzling orange-gold seemingly sits for just a moment on the sea before it rises.  I breathe deeply .. and calmly.  I embrace this moment…every day

We have been fortunate over the years taking our family on annual beach holidays, staying in apartments overlooking the sea.  I have to watch the sun rise over the sea!!  Sleeping-in is an absolute no-no.   I cannot resist taking a photograph even though each sunrise is always the same yet always different.

As the sun rose on this day the sky changed dramatically thus changing the colours on the sea

So…. as I sit in this rather chilly study (winter has arrived!)  my thoughts and memories wander off to all those glorious early mornings which hopefully will be in my memory forever.  I pray I’m not inflicted with dementia or even worse Alzheimers.  I have photographs to remember them … but will it make a difference?  I have no idea.

I was reminded of my Mum’s dementia a few days ago when, at an aerobic class I attend once a week in a church hall, I noticed one of the elderly ladies getting more confused as the class went on.   Her condition has deteriorated somewhat it seems.  I sat next to her two years ago at our annual Christmas lunch when I had to help her with the menu.  She reminded me of my Mum’s confusion on the onset of dementia when doing simple tasks.  Very very sad.

A few minutes later I spotted a paddle boarder/ surf skier, his companion and dog

And then..  later that day I ran into another aerobic class friend who wasn’t in class earlier, and who I hadn’t seen as we’d been away.  She’s on her way shortly for an overseas holiday and on her return will have a double mastectomy.  I was shocked to hear her news

Life changes at a rate of knots !!   We don’t know what God’s plan is but he does give us a glorious sunrise every day.  Embrace it.  Breathe.

On a brighter note :   Emma at sunrise 🙂 .. teach them young to appreciate the world around us

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