Beach baby? no .. not really

Beach baby? no .. not really

First day on the beach at Ballito  :

On their arrival and after unpacking, Elaine and Bryan took Emma down to the sea.  She took to it like a duck to water !!!  She loved it !!  Stood in the wet sand, jumped in the little waves and in the end was wet from head to toe.    That’s when hubby and I went down to the beach to see how she was enjoying it.  What a joy to watch her!  Squealed with delight at small wave!  Fortunately I had taken a towel!

And we thought .. fantastic !!  She’s going to love her holiday.  That’s where it ended, for the most part anyway.  It took her days to gain confidence walking on the soft sand.  Didn’t like the ‘cold’ wet sand.  Curled up her toes and climbed up like a monkey on mommy or daddy when they waded into the calmer waters of the Granny Pool in Ballito.

Eventually she loved the sand .. not to sit on though .. even wet sand was passable.   Paddling was a different story.  The only way she got in was with loads of coaxing and singing ‘swimming lesson’ songs by mommy and daddy.  Understandably the water was cold … and loud.   Most toddlers do not like the sand which gets into and onto everything.  Moms and dads build sandcastles for them!   From the time my son was a toddler to present day he doesn’t like swimming in the sea.   Sand was perfect … perfect for he and hubby to play bat and ball, throw a frisby, or any other beach game possible !!

Beach sand is ok if I don’t have to sit on it

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