Ice creams on the beach

Ice creams on the beach

What is a seaside holiday without an ice cream .. or two ?  Most especially if it’s your first one !!!

Mommy is very particular what goes into that little mouth.  Emma has a very healthy diet.  Ice creams are a no-no.  From now onwards, on special occasions, there may be exceptions to the rule.  And what little girl doesn’t need a treat now’n’again.

A soft serve didn’t pass in Emma’s books when she was given a taste as her first holiday treat.   She didn’t like the ice cream but ate the cone!

On this day she found mommy’s white chocolate Magnum coated with more white chocolate and smothered  in almonds “deeeelicious” !    Huge treat after walking on the sand and playing in the water with mommy and daddy !!

Not totally convinced but willing to go back for more
More please Mommy !
And that was that !!!   She was alert to the ringing of his bell as he trundled along the beach and made friends with the ice cream man

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