Sunglasses, sandcastles and toes in the sand

Sunglasses, sandcastles and toes in the sand

May/June 2019 Ballito :    A cloudy start to the day ..

… but it turned out to be a good beach day.  Emma fitted in well to ‘beach babe’ status.   It was a morning of sunglasses, ice creams (previous post), sandcastles and toes in the sand and sea

Cool chicks !!!  
Funny little girl
Kisses all round !!
Purse those lips .. Mwah !!

The Granny Pool is ideal for littlies, oldies and in-betweeners who don’t like getting knocked about by rough waves beyond the shelter of the rocks.  I have a huge respect for the sea having been hit on the head with a boogie board, caught in a strong current so close to shore it was ridiculous having the feeling of drowning with people all around me, and the top of my iceberg-respect-for-the-sea is being rescued by a lifeguard when I was in my teens, also caught in a current wafting out to sea !!!  I still love swimming in the sea

Brave girl .. yay !!!  Holding on tightly and waist deep
This is what daddy’s do .. build sandcastles!!  She had great delight in knocking down his works of art.   “I will rebuild”  daddy said .. and so he did 🙂  

But .. it got her playing in the sand
There’ll be no stopping this little one on her next beach holiday, of this I am certain

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