Dolphins and surfers at sunrise

Dolphins and surfers at sunrise

No photographs of Emma on the beach today.  Some days my camera stayed in it’s bag surprisingly!!   This was one of those days.  Cellphones are a great back up, easy to whip out, click, send to Instagram and voila!

Try as I may, missing out on capturing (with camera) a glorious sunrise is something I simply cannot do.  A bonus was a group of surfers

Sunrise and surfers

Another bonus … dolphins !!!!   Our patio was perfect for spotting bottlenose dolphins.  Over the years of annual holidays here at the Dolphin Coast we’ve noticed they’re either in abundance on a daily basis swimming up and down the coastline or they’re a little scarce.  I’m no expert but presume it’s got to do with the food supply and/or weather conditions

Catching a wave before heading toward the surfers
What a privilege to be so close to these beautiful creatures

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