A sea bird and a raptor

A sea bird and a raptor

May/June 2019 – Ballito

Not the best photographs of a cormorant swooping passed our patio.  At midday when gazing out to the blue yonder and a sea bird flies by, a dash indoors to grab my camera there is no time for fiddling with settings etc!!!   At best trying to focus was difficult enough !!!

And then … later that day, while sipping tea on the patio, we heard a commotion in the palms of the gardens surrounding the pool.  Low and behold there were two raptors!!!

I took this photo earlier that day of the gardens from our patio

Hawks, I think?    One flew to a palm tree hidden from view but we had a ‘bird’s eye’ view of the other screeching and flapping of wings.      There again .. I couldn’t get the best shots unfortunately (full zoom)

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