Cappuccinos at Beanstruk, Shaka’s Rock

Cappuccinos at Beanstruk, Shaka’s Rock

Elaine and Bryan are always on the lookout for a place that serves a good cup of coffee or cappuccino.  Bingo !!  They found one on the North Coast.  To be precise it’s located in Shaka’s Rock on the main road between Ballito and Salt Rock so it’s easy to find.  If you blink you miss it.    “This hidden gem, the oldest and longest standing roastery on the North Coast, is indeed worth a visit” – Beanstruk Coffee Roastery   

We all had a scrumptious carrot cake with our cappuccinos
Emma had a baby chino in a big girl cup and a cookie specially for littlies

Michelle, the owner, was very sweet and wiped her board clean for Emma to draw.  She gave her a cushion to sit on and a bowl of coloured chalks.  Bryan couldn’t resist to have a go too !!

After coffee, cake and watching an artist-in-the-making we took a stroll down the beach along a path opposite the roastery

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