One step at a time !

One step at a time !

An empty beach!   Admittedly it was mid-week and out of season.  Comparing packed beaches in school holidays, this was magic !!   What a lovely time of the year on the North Coast!!   There were young families either with grandparents as in our case, or just on their own. There were a few couples our age. Not many I have to say. And then there were elderly couples who wandered down to the beach in the latter part of the morning with their umbrellas and chairs with baskets of tea and books in hand to read with the sounds of ocean. I do not regard hubby and I as elderly .. … yet !

Same gloriously sunny day as the last post


Yet another reconstructed sandcastle …

Exploring the beach on her own .. yippee!!

We all had a feeling that by the holiday was drawing to a close Emma would have gained her confidence .. on the sand at least.  As I’ve said before, it came as quite a surprise to me to watch her reaction to the beach.  In summer she’s always barefoot in my garden and negotiates stepping stones and pebbles without hesitation.  Beach sand is quite a different texture.  I had no idea small children reacted this way, but apparently she’s not alone in this regard.   My children had no qualms about stepping onto a beach for the first time.  I believe playgroups and nursery schools are reluctant to have sandpits these days due to their unhealthy properties.  Rather sad don’t you think? 

One step at a time ..

“Papa .. what you doing?”
“I’m burying my feet under the sand”
“Emma help you”
A milestone moment :  my toes and Emma’s in the sand !!  
Mommy and Emma’s toes in the sand

It was a good day

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