Stroll around my garden with camera in hand

Stroll around my garden with camera in hand

Well … hello again! 

I haven’t picked up my camera for ages hence the lack of posts and as this is a photostory blog, a camera is an essential element !  I note the last post was in June!   How time flies !  Life just seems to be rather busy ..  yoga several days a week, weekly grandchildren commitments on a daily basis, gardening etc     Hubby and I took a trip down to the Cape for a few days in November, camera bag included.  A post will follow as I did take some photos of a Stellenbosch wine farm where we stayed and a wine estate in Hermanus which we’ve never been to before (surprisingly I know!!)

In the meantime, herewith several pics taken yesterday once the heat of the day receded.  Heatwave after heatwave interspersed with some rain has played havoc with my garden.  It’s generally looking good though.  Dried up lawn patches are covered with pesky clover weed, so difficult to eradicate and several plants, including a small tree,  have died unfortunately.  Continued water restrictions doesn’t help either 

Through the front door
James came into view whilst capturing groundcover
In amongst cornflowers :  looks like a dandelion .. hope not 
‘Brilliant’ Iceberg rose
Frilled hibiscus
Photo bombed by Hardy !!   Australian violet ‘viola hederacea’
Move over Hardy .. James’ turn to photobomb!  Needless to say groundcover between stepping stones wasn’t captured
Iceberg bud
Flame lilies
‘Germiston Gold’
‘Trachelospermum jasminoides’  Star Jasmine
Nature’s perfection
Yet another photobomb .. Lily amongst crocosmia
Rosa tomato flowers
Good ol’ marigolds
River Indigo

Speaking of gardens and gardening .. time to grab my gloves and hat

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